Establiments d'Or

The "Establiment D'OR" quality label is created to provide consumers with a list of retail food stores where all the quality products from the Balearic Islands can be found. This registered trademark belongs to the company SEMILLA S.A., a state-owned company that carries out promotion activities of agri-foodstuffs. This company will authorise retail stores to make use of the "Establiment D'OR" quality label when they fulfil the terms of the Regulation.

The "Establiment D'OR" quality label is a distinctive sign for retail food stores offering all the agri-foodstuffs with a quality designation from the Balearic Islands. Besides, this products will be located in a special place, correctly identified and separated from other products without quality designation.

To get right to use the "Establiment D'OR" quality label, retail food stores will be subjected to an audit to make sure they fulfil the terms of the Regulation. They will also be subjected to periodical audits to check over the fulfilment of the contract with the company SEMILLA S.A.

The retail food stores authorised to use the "Establiment D'OR" quality label can be registered in two different categories: as a retail foodstuff store or as a shop specialised in wines and spirits. In any case, they will offer at least one reference of every quality designation from the Balearic Islands indicated in the Regulation of the quality label.

The authorised establishments will have the right to use the quality label in a plaque inside and outside the shop and also in advertising. Registration will be valid for a one-year period. Renewal will be requested one month before expiry, otherwise the establishment will be removed from the register list.

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