Designation of Origin
Oli de Mallorca

Extra Virgin olive oil with Designation of Origin, made on the island of Mallorca with the Mallorquina, Arbequina and Picual olive varieties. Depending on the ripeness of the olives when they are picked two different types of oil can be identified: a fruity type and a sweeter type. The fruity type is made from olives picked early on in the harvest season ; the sweeter type is made from riper olives and is characterised by its golden yellow colour, sweet taste and sharp sensation.

Mahon-Menorca cheese

A cheese with a Designation of Origin thet is box-like in shape, with rounded edges, and a smooth, compact rind that is yellowish-brown in colour. The curd is pressed and the holes are the size of a grain of rice. It is made on the island of Menorca from cow's milk. The curds are heated at a low temperature, it is salted by immersion and matured using the island's traditional techniques.

Mallorcan Olive
The protected designation of origin ‘Aceituna de Mallorca’/‘Aceituna Mallorquina’/‘Oliva de Mallorca’/‘Oliva Mallorquina’ covers three variants: green, bruised green and natural black. These are table olives of the indigenous Majorcan variety, partially fermented in brine. Furthermore, the bruised green olive is flavoured with fennel and chilli pepper and the natural black olive is flavoured with Majorcan oil (‘Aceite de Mallorca’).
Mallorcan paprika
Mallorcan paprika is a spice obtained by grinding peppers of the native tap de cortí variety of the Capsicum Annumm L. species produced on the island of Mallorca, once dried and ground at the processing plants located exclusively on the aforementioned island.
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